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Troubleshooting Aquastorm Blower Failure Detected

Each blower uses a current sensor that will send a signal if the amperage changes. The issue could be a clogged filter, loose electrical connection, broken belt, or possibly the sensor itself. You should verify the amperage for the blower and if it is within limits then try to calibrate the sensor.

The amperage readings taken during the inspection of every machine can be found in the documentation package provided with the equipment. There will be a file for amperage and pressure readings under the QA Reports folder. If the documentation can not be found you can always refer to the motor nameplate. Note: You should measure all three legs of power and you should have a balanced load. If the amperage readings are out of line you will need to investigate why. If they are within limits you should proceed to the sensor calibration below. 

To calibrate, click on the Dryer and then select the calibration tab.
Blower Calibration:Press the Start button next to the desired Blower selection to adjust the Current Sensor.  While running the Blowers from this Box, the Blower Fail Detect Signal will change but will be not set the alarm.  If not turned off before, the Blower(s) will automatically shut off after a five minute run period.  

Adjust the potentiometer on the current sensor, located in the high voltage box, until the red LED is just on. When it goes out you will get the fail detected alarm.

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