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Troubleshooting Aquastorm 100/200 Hardware High Temp Alarm

There are a few different circuits depending on the type of machine, age of machine and configuration of the machine. Be sure to refer to your electrical schematics when troubleshooting. In all cases we are looking for an input on channel #9 of the Digital Input Board, to ensure there is no High Temp. detected before allowing the heaters to come on. This input is DC common, and the channel must be ON. See the DI/O screen on the machine to confirm. This screen is accessed through the Modules Menu.  Below is what you should see if all the hardware is in a run condition.

If this input is OFF, troubleshooting of the circuit will be required. You will need to go to the schematics to see where this signal is being lost. On early machines the DC common signal was routed through all the safety devices. On later machines, the 24VDC was used through the safety devices to a relay that activated the DC common signal to the I/O board. The number and types of safety devices are determined by the type of machine and the options selected. I have added a few of the circuits below to give an idea of where to start looking. The path of this signal has been highlighted in green.

The bulleted items below are common to all the circuits shown.

  • Wire #25 is DC common.
  • Wire #24 is 24VDC.
  • The inputs are wired to channel #8; however, pin #4 of this connection is connected to channel #9 internally on the DI/O Board.
  • Once THS1, THS2, THS3, or THS4 have been tripped by a high temp reading, you will have to cycle power to reset after the input TC has cooled.
  • An open TC or loose TC connection will go high and can be seen as a high temperature.
  • Thermo switches shown below as HTR are located on the optional Torrid Zone heaters.

This is an older version of the Aquastorm 200. Note: Items in dashed boxes are optional.

This is an Aquastorm 100. Note: Items in dashed boxes are optional.

This is a newer version Aquastorm 200. Note: Items in dashed boxes are optional.

This is a newer version Aquastorm 200 with the High Temp Cabinet or a Stainless-Steel Cabinet. 

Note Items in dashed boxes are optional.

If further assistance is needed, please contact Electrovert Technical Support @ 1-800-737-8110 option 3 or email .

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