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Aquastorm 50 Chamber Level Range Adjustments

The Aquastorm 50 second generation chamber (Machine Serial Numbers AS50-3xxxx) uses a pressure sensor and the analog voltage from this sensor to know where the operating level and the high level of fluid is in the chamber. This new design does have some unique issues. Depending on elevation, length of tubing, and other variables, the pressure seen by the sensor can be different from machine to machine.

The software has some built in adjustments to help compensate for these variables. In the configuration screen there are debounce timers that can be set between 1-20 seconds. These should be adjusted until the fluid level (when auto fill is completed) has filled to cover the entire bottom of the chamber. The fluid should be at the start of the upward bend in the right hand bottom corner of the chamber. This would be just below the bottom spray bar when rotating. If there is not enough fluid, the debounce timer needs to be increased.

Operating Float Debounce Timers:  These parameters set the amount of debounce time for each fill source. This time is the amount of time after the operation level has been met until the fill source is turned off. This can be used to compensate for different pressure and flow rates from each source.

External Fill Debounce Timer: Timer associated with the fill solenoid valve supplied from the customer's facilities.

Fill From Wash Debounce Timer: Timer associated with the fill from the Chamber Fill pump.

Fill From Rinse Debounce Timer:  Timer associated with the fill from the Rinse pump.

If adjusting these timer settings does not achieve the results needed there can be some modifications made to this range in the software. This should only be adjusted as a last resort. Engineering is currently reviewing and plan to offer a better solution in the future. Please note: If these modifications are required, they will not be retained if a new version of software is loaded. The modification will be required again for the newer revision. These modifications will be saved and retained if the software is not updated.

Chamber Fluid Level Range Modification

  • Reset all the Debounce Timers back to 5 seconds.
  • Close the machine control program.
  • Open the AquaStorm50.set file located here: C:\ProgramData\Electrovert\AquaStorm50
  • Open the file in Notepad.
  • Search this file for the line: “Chamber Analog Operating Level Threshold Voltage.Default”
  • Change this value by adding 0.050.
  • Search for the next value: “Chamber Analog High Level Threshold Voltage.Default”
  • Change this value by adding 0.050.
  • Save this file with these modifications.
  • Restart the machine control program and test fluid level again.
  • If you still do not have enough fluid, repeat the above steps. Increase both values by another 0.050. 

We plan to have a simpler calibration routine included with in a future software revision.

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