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How do I set up Protocol3 Ethernet Communications

Please see attached PDF file for instructions before running the attached MSI file.

Troubleshooting tips:

1.  Network firewalls can cause problems with Ethernet communications with the Protocol3 control.  Try connecting the control directly to a computer with an Ethernet cable without going through your network to see if the network is causing the problem.

2.  Baud rate setting in the Protocol3 control communications menu and baud rate setting in the SetupEthernetTools utility must both be 9600.

3.  Address setting in the Protocol3 control communications menu must be set to 1

4.  First 3 numbers of the IP address of the Protocol3 control must match the first 3 numbers of the IPv4 address of your computer.  Example:  If your computer address is 192.168.10.XXX, the Protocol3 IP address must be set to 192.168.10.ZZZ with XXX and ZZZ being different numbers.  You can find your computer IPv4 address by getting to a command line and typing ipconfig.

5.  The Ethernet Setup Tool is attached.  It also may already be installed on your computer.  It would be listed under Graphical Controller Tools in the Windows start menu.

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