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How to Create a licenseinfo File in the Windows 7 Version of Benchmark

  1. Stop production and close Benchmark.
  2. Stop the Benchmark server.
  3. Find getlicenseinfo.exe and run it.  It should be located at: Program Files (x86)/Speedline/Benchmark for Printers/Getlicenseinfo.exe
  4. The screen will ask for the “Machine Platform”.  Be sure to select the correct one, in this case "Benchmark for printers."
  5. The system will continue getting information and ask for the Machine Serial Number.
  6. Select the option "Open Report On Exit".  Note the location of the report and select DONE.  
  7. At this point the system will generate the file Licenseinfo.txt
  8. Save the file on a media device such as a thumb drive.
  9. Send a copy of this file to ITW EAE so your new license can be generated.

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