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Aquastorm Automatic Chemical Dosing Setup

The following steps can be used to set up the automatic chemical dosing pump used from automatic chemical injection.

1. Loosen the adjustment locking knob (A) and turn the concentration adjustment knob (B) to the maximum setting (Position 10)

2.  Check all connections and fittings for proper tightness and turn on the water to the machine. NOTE: THE PLASTIC FITTINGS ON THE PROPORTIONER ONLY NEED TO BE TIGHTENED BY HAND FOR PROPER SEALING.

3.  As water flows through the water motor of the proportioner, the actuating arm and piston at the rear of the proportioner will move back and forth. This shaft operates the chemical pump piston. The concentrate will start rising up the suction tube.

4.  Once the product leaving the chemical pump reaches the main water stream, you can adjust the concentration knob (B) to the desired concentration based on the chart below. The numbers on the graduated guide are reference marks only, and do not represent any particular ratio. The #10 is the strongest concentration and the #0 is the weakest. When the proper ratio is reached, tighten the adjustment locking knob. Finger tight is sufficient.

5.  To verify, a 3-5 gallon sample can be taken of the mixture for a concentration test. Use either a titration kit or a refractometer.

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