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How to resume production when the squeegee Z calibration sensor is damaged?

The print machine power on and prepare to production, the “Leveling squeegee" is the necessary step and can't be skipped.  It was found that the squeegee Z calibration sensor was damaged and could not finish the " Leveling squeegee". But the customer has no spare parts, how to resume production.

1. Go to Machine configuration--->Machine--->Print head, unchecked the "Enable Auto Compliance Correction" 

2. Go to Benchmark GUI, click the "set blade height" icon.

3. In the :Set blade height" wizard,  we choice "Manual set blade height or verify height" .

4. Use trackball and step to adjust the blade position. We can insert one paper between the stencil and the blade. Drop the squeegee blade into contact with the paper, move the paper with your hand, and just when you can't pull out, click set blade height.

5. Machine can run production normally. 

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