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How to Eliminate Error 9999 on an SPM

When the error code 9999 appears when you are trying to load or reload SPM software, it means that the floppy disk is reading a serial number mismatch against the machine you are trying to install it into. The procedure below will allow the disk to be used again to install the SPM software on the machine.

Resetting the SPM Software Disk

For error code 9999

  1.  Place the software disk in the A drive of any PC.
  2. Change to MS-DOS mode and type A: <enter>
  3. At the A:\ type COPY CON SPM.FIL <enter>
  4. (Yes) to all
  5. Type 12345 and hit (F6) key and then hit <enter>
  6. Type EXIT and hit <enter>
  7. The disk can now be used to install the SPM software.
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