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C S Info - Momentum Series Printer Hardstop Cylinder P10088 and Linear Rail P10237 Issue

 If the user is having problems with hardstop cylinders at high stroke speeds and/or loose linear rails, retrofit parts will need to be purchased (see attached video clip).


Hi Team,

We would like to introduce the following hardstop improvements for non-tool users who are concerned about the following issue. 

  • Hardstop cylinder (P10088) high traveling speed, and/or
  • Linear rail (P10237) screws loose problem. 



  • Replace 2 x P6792 (Elbow, Fitting) to 2 x P9833 (Elbow, Fitting, Flow Control), 
  • Replace linear rail (P10237) mounting screws from 4 x M2x5mm SHCS to 4 x M2x8mm SHCS. Use of Loctite 271 to secure the four SHCS.



Note: The P9833 is meter-out type.


To stop your air cylinder from stuttering, you need to use a “Meter-Out” configuration. Why? You always want to control the exhaust air out of a double acting air cylinder. This will give a smooth flow of the air, and act as a speed limit to the air chamber that is being pressurized.


A meter-out circuit is the best control to avoid air-cylinder lunging. In the case of an air system, pressure builds slowly, and cylinder movement may be jerky.


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