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How to troubleshoot the new rear control module 1025401 (MOMII Hie & Elite)

Troubleshooting for wiper related issue on new rear control module, 1025401


1025401 had installed on MM201382 onward at Momentum II HiE/Elite.

Note: - 1017661 had already replaced to 2009705, any issue, order 2009705, Kit RCM with Fuse. (1025401 does not include the fuses and wiper driver interface assembly). 


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Troubleshooting guide:

  1. When wiper paper not rotating only, check FU 1 (P13707-400) and coupling (P10150).
  2. When solvent roller not rotation only, check FU 2 (P13707-400) and gear (P10911).
  3. When both wiper paper and solvent roller not rotation, check the FU 1, FU 2 (P13707-400) and the wiper driver interface (1021213).

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  1. When the solvent pump not working, check FU 3 (P13707-500).

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  1. Change or swap the node 66 (P10098, MODULE, CANOPEN I/O,5V,30MA, CONFIGURABLE, PCB), if all the above does not solve the problem. 

           Note: make sure the dip switch setting (highlighted in red box) is set correctly.

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