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Purge Cycle Timer Part Number 9-150291 Change

Part number 9-150291 was originally a model 700-FSM4UU23 timed relay.  This model was discontinued and replaced with a model 700-FSM7UU23.  The function of the new model relay requires a slight wiring change when used on a Despatch LCC or LCD model oven.

See schematics below.  Wire 2030 that energizes the two water coils needs to me moved from terminal 24 on the relay to terminal B1 with wire 2010 so the water coils no longer go through the contacts of the relay.

Original 700-FSM4UU23 wiring

New 700-FSM7UU23 wiring

Set time period as required to purge the cooling coil.  Factory set to 1/2 minute.

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