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FDC9100 Offset Calibration

This video covers how to adjust the calibration offset on the FDC9100 control. 

Press and hold the scroll key.  That is the button with the circle and the arrow at the end. 

Hold it until the display reads SEt,  then press the scroll key again.  

The LocK parameter will display.  Use the up and down arrows to set the lock parameter to nonE,  then press the scroll key.  

Next you will see inPt signifying the input type.  We utilize J type thermocouples on most of our equipment.   If this parameter is not set to J_tC,   you can make the adjustment using the up and down arrow keys.  J type looks like a backwards L.  

Pressing the scroll key takes you to the next screen,  which is unit.  This is where you can set your temperature to display Centigrade or Fahrenheit.  

Once you have selected your unit of measure for temperature,  press the scroll key.  You will see dP.  This shows no.dP which means no decimal point. 

Next,  you will see SP1L and SP1H.  These are your lower and upper limits for your adjustable setpoint.   

Press the scroll key and you will see SHiF.  This is where the offset is put in for calibration.  Adjust the SHiF value up or down until the display on the FDC9100 matches the temperature measured inside of the oven.  For example, if the display on the FDC9100 reads 200 and the measured temperature in the oven chamber is 195, you should enter a -5 for the SHif parameter. 

Once you are finished changing the SHiF parameter,  press the R key to navigate back to your home screen.   

Lastly,  verify the adjusted temperature on your controller matches the measured value inside the chamber.  

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