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MCT4 Password Security

Please see below for video on password security/restricting user access.

MCT4 Password Security Video

Below is a transcript of the video

MCT4 password protected restricted access.

In this example we will restrict operators from being able to edit programs.

To configure the restricted access, press menu.

Then scroll left or right until you see the screen with the Password, Login, and Log off icons.

If you press Configure now, you will see that System access is denied.  

Configuring the restricted access requires an admin level security.

Press Ok.  

Then press Login.

The default admin level username is ADMIN, and the default password is one, two, three, four, five.

Enter the username and password, then press done.

Press OK.

Now when you press Configure, you get the setup screen.

If you press the down arrow next to the User Type field, you will see that you can select from 4 different user types.  Each user type can be given access to different features of the control.

System level access does not require a log in.  The other 3 levels require logging in with a password.

Press the down arrow again, then press Access.

This is a list of features of the control with the user types that have access to that feature.

For this example, scroll to the Program Edit feature.

Select the Program Edit feature, and the toggle switches for the 4 user types will become active.

Touch the User toggle switch to turn the switch off.

Now we will create a new user level log in ID.

Select the New tab.

Select User in the User Type drop down.

Select User ID, then enter a unique user ID.  For this example, we will use user one.

Press done when finished.

Do the same for the Name field.  Again, we will use user one.

The user ID and name fields must be at least 5 characters long.

Select the password field and enter the desired password.

Select the Confirm Password field and enter the same password.

The password needs to be at least 5 characters.

Press Create, then OK and the new user has been created.

Now we need to log out as the administrator, and log back in as the user.

Press Home.

Then press Menu.

Scroll to the side to the user log in page.

Press log off, and press yes.

Press log in.

Enter the Username.

Then touch the password field and enter the password, and press Done.

User One is logged in.   Press OK.

Now we will test the User access to edit a program.

Press Home.

Press Program operation.

Press Edit.

Press one of the fields on the program edit screen to see if it can be changed.

If everything was done correctly, you should get a message saying Operator access denied.

Press OK.

Then press Home.

You will need to remove access from the System level user as well to prevent access without logging in.

This was only an overview of the password security capabilities of the MCT4 control.  Refer to the control owner’s manual for detailed information.




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