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MCT4 RS485 Protocol Manager Setup

See link below for a video of the Protocol Manager RS485 Communications setup.

MCT4 RS485 Protocol Manager Setup

Below is a transcript of the video.

MCT4 Protocol Manager RS485 Communications Setup.

When adding a MCT4 control to an existing RS485 network that contains Protocol3 and or Protocol Plus controls, the network communication needs to be changed to 9600 baud rate.

Log in to Protocol Manager using the Level 4 password.  Default password is despatch, all lower case.

User ID will turn red if you are logged in correctly.

Click on Window, then Setup, then Comm Setup tab.

Change the Baud Rate to 9600, then click Accept and Yes.

Then close the setup window.

Existing controls will go offline.

Now the existing control(s) needs to be changed to 9600 baud rate.

From the Select a Mode screen, press the up arrow and enter buttons at the same time.

Press the down arrow 5 times until Configuration Menu is highlighted, then press Enter.

Press the up arrow to change the Unlock Code to 0010, then press Enter.

Press the down arrow 5 times until Comms. Configuration is highlighted, then press Enter.

Press Enter again to go to the Modbus Data Rate setting.

Use the Arrow buttons to highlight 9600, then press Enter two times.

Press the up arrow and enter buttons at the same time, 3 times until you are back to the select a mode screen.

Going back to Protocol Manager, your existing controls should be back Online.

To add a MCT4 control to the network, first set up the communications on the MCT4.

From the Home screen, Press the Menu icon, then Settings, and Menu, then COMMS.

Make sure Parity is set to None.

Change the Modbus Address to a unique number for your network.

For this example we will set to 2, and save.

Press Home to return to the home screen.

Back to Protocol Manager software.

Make sure you are still logged in with the User ID displayed in Red.

Click on Window, then Setup

On the Network tab, click on the empty space below any existing controls, then press Insert.

Enter a name for your new MCT4 control.

Change the Address to match the address entered on the control.

Click on the Controller Type field and select the FDC MCT4/B option

Additional setup parameters will appear.

Click on the Third digit of oven model number field.

In this example, the control is installed on a model LAC oven, so we select C from the drop down box.

Leave the Process Input decimal points and Limit input decimal point settings set to 1.

For the EV1 through EV9 settings, you need to know what hardware your control has, and how it is configured.

These relays could be configured as Events, Cycle complete, Alarms, or if the hardware isn’t available on the control the setting would be Off / None.

For this example, the control has 5 relays, EV1 through EV4 are Event relays, and EV5 is a Cycle relay.

This control also has an integrated high limit, so click on Limit Type and select Integrated from the drop down box.

Click on Enable Communications, then Set, and click Yes to confirm.

A new window should appear for the new MCT4 control on the network, and it should say Online.

Close the setup screen, and your MCT4 control has been successfully added to your network.




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