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MCT4 Retransmit Process Value Setup

Please see link below for a tutorial on setting the retransmit process value settings on the MCT4 control

MCT4 Retransmit Process Value configuration

Below is a transcript of the video tutorial

Retransmit Process Value Setup.

The MCT4 control can retransmit the oven process value to a recorder or data logger via a 0 to 10 volt or 0 to 5 volt signal.

To set up the temperature ranges or see what the current configuration is, you need to Exit the application and do a configuration mode startup.

To perform a configuration mode startup, perform the following screen presses.

From the home screen, press menu

Then settings,

Then menu,

Offline, and yes.

Then menu again,

And exit.

Then press Exit application, Configuration mode startup.

And press yes.

Wait for a few seconds until the screen says System Startup, Please Wait.

Then turn off the power to the control, wait a couple seconds, and power up the control again.

The control will take a few seconds to re boot.

The screen will come back with the MCT Configuration screen.

To access the retransmit settings, press menu.

Then Setup.

Then Loop configuration.

On most Despatch supplied MCT4 controls, the retransmit output is on Loop 1, Output 4.

Scroll down the list of Loop 1 parameters being careful to not make changes to other parameters.

When you get to Output 4 Function, you can see that this output is already configured to Retransmit process value.

Output 4 is a 0 to 10 volt DC signal.  

Our standard recorder configuration uses a 0 to 5 volt signal, so on this control, the Output 4 High Limit parameter has been set to 50 limiting the 10 volt output to 50 percent or 5 volts.

Scrolling down a little more, you see the Output 4 Retransmit Low and High Scale settings.

In this example, the Low Scale corresponding to 0 volts is set to 0 degrees, and the High Scale corresponding to 5 volts is set to 400 degrees.

You can use these values to set up your recorder or datalogger, or you touch the parameter and enter the value that matches your recorder configuration.

For this example, the settings are already correct, we will press Cancel to go back to the parameter list without making a change.

When all the parameters are set correctly, press menu.

Then press File, then Exit, and Yes.

Wait a few seconds until the display says System Startup, Please Wait.

Then turn off the power to the control.

Wait a few seconds and turn the power back on.

The control will reboot and come back to the home screen.

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