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MCT4 Temperature Profile Programming

Please see link below for video

MCT4 Program Entry tutorial video

The following is a transcript of the audio from the tutorial video.

The MCT4 control can run a program, timed ramp and soak temperature profile.

This video will show how to program a basic temperature profile with the event 1 relay being assigned as a cooling output, and event relay 2 being assigned as an end of cycle relay.

The example program will have 5 steps

Step 1: Ramp up to 250 degrees in 1 minute.

Step 2: Soak at 250 degrees for 1 hour, with a deviation hold value of 5 degrees.

Step 3: Ramp down to 100 degrees in 5 minutes with the cooling event 1 on.

Step 4: Ramp to 0 degrees, to turn off the heater, turn off event 1, cooling output, and turn on event 2 relay

Step 5: End

To begin programming a new program, press Program Operation, then press Edit.

Press File, then New and Yes.

The display will now show the settings for step 1 of a new un-named program.

To follow our example, step 1 should be a ramp to 250 degrees in 1 minute.

Type = ramp is correct

Time should be 1 minute,

Press the time field and enter point, zero, one. For one minute, then press done.

The Loop one setpoint should be 250, so press the Loop one field, enter 250, then press done.

To add the next step, press Insert.

The display now shows Step Two.

Step 2 should be a Soak for 1 hour.

Press the type field, and select Soak.

Then press the time field and enter one, then press done, for 1 hour.

Press Insert again, and enter the step 3 settings to ramp to 100 degrees in 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to turn on event 1 for the cooling output.

Step 4 is a zero time ramp to zero degrees with the cooling event one off, and the end of cycle event turned on.

After entering the step 4 settings, press the right arrow icon to display the step 5 settings.

Check the settings.   Everything looks good.

Press the left arrow to check the settings in all the steps one more time.

If everything looks good, press file, then save.

Press the blank field next to file name, then enter up to a 16 character file name, then press Done.

Press Save, and the program will be saved into memory.

Wait, we made a mistake.

We forgot to turn on the deviation hold feature on segment 2.

To edit step 2, simply arrow back to Step two, then press the Hold tab.

Press Loop One, then press hold.

Press Edit, then press Hold back limits to change the Holdback Limits Setpoint.

Press the Holdback Limit SP field, then enter 5 degrees, and done.

Press return.

Note there is a star next to Hold indicating the hold function is turned on in step 2.

Press File, then save, and yes.  To save the changes.

Press Home to return to the main screen.

Press Program operation, then select, you will see your new program is in the list.

Select the new Test two program, then press Done.

Then press Run, then Yes, and Start.

Program Test 2, Step 1 is now running.

Press Menu, then Overview, to see more information about the current program status.

This completes the tutorial on temperature program entry.


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