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MCT4 Profile Operation

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MCT4 Profile Operation

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MCT4 Program Operation

To run a previously entered program, press the Program Operation icon.

The Program Operation screen will show the currently selected Program, and icons for Run, Hold, Stop, Edit, and Select.

If the correct program is selected and you want to start the program from the beginning, press run, then press yes.

The Program Operation screen will update with the program name, the current step that is running, and the time remaining in that step.

To stop the program, while it is running, press Stop, then press Yes on the pop up screen.

Press done to return to the main display.

To start a program at a step other than step one, Press Program Operation, then press select.

The program Operation screen will show a list of programs that are stored in the control.

Select the desired program, then press done.

Press Run, and Yes.

This time even though the same program was selected, an additional display shows up allowing you to select the step in the program where you want to start.

Pressing the right or left arrow, changes the start step number and gives a description of what the selected step is.

Press start and the program will run, starting at the selected step.

To see more details about the currently running program, press Menu.  Slide the screen to the left, then press status.

The Status screen gives information about the current program and step that is running.

Press home to return to the main screen.

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