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MCT4 Export - Import Configuration

See link to video below.

Export - Import Configuration Video

The MCT4 control can export a configuration file to the USB drive for backup, or transfer to a different control.

This video will show how to export a configuration file.  What the file looks like on the USB memory stick, and how to import the file back into a control.

First insert a memory stick into the USB port on the oven.

Press the Menu Icon, then press Settings, then press the Menu Icon again.

Press Offline, then press Yes, and press the Menu icon again.

Press Configuration.

Press the blank space next to Export.

Enter a name for the export file, then press Done.

Press Export, then press Yes.

When "Configuration export complete" is displayed on the screen, press OK

Press the home icon to return to the main screen.

The control configuration file has now been saved to the USB drive.

Inserting the USB drive into a computer, you will see that the control has created a folder with MCTA_, followed by your file name, _followed by the date and time that the configuration file was exported.

To restore or import a configuration file into the control, Insert the USB drive that contains the configuration file into the USB port.

Then enter the Configure menu the same as before by pressing the following sequence.

Menu, Settings, Menu, Offline, Yes, Menu, Configuration.

Load Configuration

The display will show a list of folders on the USB drive.

Select the desired configuration file, then press Open

The display will show the file name that is ready to be Imported.

Press Import, then Yes, and the file will be loaded or imported into the controller.

When "Configuration Import complete.  Restart device" is displayed, press OK, then press the home icon to return to the main screen.

The yellow flashing triangle is a reminder that the control needs to be re-started for the new configuration to take effect.

Cycle power to the control, and the control will reboot with the new configuration.

Remove the USB drive when complete.


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