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MCT4 Export and Import profile files

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How to Export/Import Profile files

The MCT4 control can export a profile file to a USB drive for backup, or transfer to a different control.

This video will show how to export a profile file, what the file looks like on the USB memory stick, and how to import the file back into a control.

  • First insert a memory stick into the USB port on the oven.
  • Press Program Operation
  • Press edit, then press file, then open.
  • Select the file you want to export, then press open.
  • Press file again, then press Export.
  • Press yes to confirm, and the file is exported to the USB drive.
  • Removing the USB drive from the oven and inserting into your computer, you will see that the control created a folder with the name Programs followed by the date and time.
  • Opening the folder, will show a .txt file with the name of the profile that you exported.
  • To import the file back into a control, insert the USB drive into the port on the oven.
  • Press the menu icon, then press the Data icon.
  • Press the menu icon again, then press the USB icon.
  • Press the down arrow next to Export Type, then select Program.
  • Press the OFF button next to Import, then press yes.
  • Scroll up or down to the Programs folders, and select the folder containing the program file that you want to import, then press open.
  • The profile file has now been loaded into the control.



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