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MCT4 Naming Events

See attached video on Naming Event Outputs

The MCT4 control has the ability to add a unique name to the optional event output relays.

Pressing Manual Operation icon, you can see this example has 5 optional event relays.  The first relay is named cooling, and the other relays are named EV1, EV3, EV4, and EV5. 

We are going to change the second name from EV1 to, E O C for End Of Cycle.

  1. From the home screen, press the menu icon, then press the Settings icon. Then press the menu icon again.
  2. Press the event icon to enter the Event Names page.
  3. Press the icon for the event name you want to change.
  4. Press clear, then enter the new name.
  5. Press done when finished.
  6. Press the home icon to return to the home page.
  7. Press Manual Operation to check the new event name.
  8. Press done to return to the home screen.
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