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Changing the setpoint limits on the MCT4 control

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Adjusting the setpoint limits on the MCT4 control.

Sometimes it is helpful to limit the temperature range that the operator can set the control setpoint.


When you press the SP value on the screen, you can see in this example the minimum allowed setpoint is 0 and the Maximum allowed setpoint is 650.


Pressing Cancel returns to the home screen.


To change the setpoint limits, press the menu icon.

Then press settings, then the menu icon again.


Press the Limit icon, to enter the Setpoint Limits screen.


To change the Upper limit to 500, press the Upper Limit value.

Enter the new setpoint upper limit, then press done.


Pressing the home icon returns the display to the home screen.


Pressing the Setpoint value again, you can see that the maximum setpoint has now been changed to 500

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