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MCT4 Control Manual Mode Operation

Click on the link below or open the attached video file for a tutorial on the MCT4 control manual operation.

MCT4 Control Manual Mode 

MCT4 manual operation, or single setpoint operation.

The MCT4 has two options for operation.  Manual Operation and Program Operation.

Manual operation is a single or constant setpoint operation.

Event relays can be manually turned on or off during manual operation.

To change the setpoint for manual operation, press the red SP value on the touch screen.

Enter the new value on the pop up keypad, then press done.

Note the Loop one setpoint updates, and the percent output value changes to drive the PV value to setpoint.

To change the status of the event relays for manual operation, press the Manual Operation button.

Press the on/off toggle button for the desired event relay to change the status.

When the event relays are set as desired, press done.

The MCT4 control does not have an off mode.

To change the output signal off, change the setpoint to zero.

Note the percent output value goes to zero.

Turn the event relays off by touching Manual Operation.

Toggle the events from on to off, then press done.

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