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How do I get help to identify the part numbers I need for my machine?

When you need a part for your ITW EAE machine but are not sure of the correct part number, you should contact the appropriate ITW EAE Tech Support (TS) team for assistance (not the Global Parts team).  Contact info for our Support teams can be found here.  We also have a new online course developed to help understand the part identification process which can be accessed here.

To ensure Tech Support can provide you with an accurate part number as quickly as possible, it is important to provide the following information with your request:

  • Machine serial number where the part is needed.  You can get help with finding your serial number here.  
  • In general, two photos showing where the part is used should be submitted. Here is an example for a situation that would require two photos:
    • If you need a fitting for your machine, this is how the first photo might look: Note that MS Paint was used to box in the part so the TS team will know which one is needed…

  • The second photo submitted should be one that was taken further away from the part so the TS team can understand where the part resides on the machine.

  • Depending on the type and use of the part, additional information may also be needed such as length, size, color, etcetera. Here is an example where additional information is needed: 
    • MPM squeegee holder assemblies are sold in various lengths. To identify the part number of a squeegee holder assembly (or replacements parts for it), you would need to let us know the length of the squeegee blade:

Once you’ve provided that information to the TS team, they can efficiently and accurately determine the ITW EAE part numbers you need for your machine.  If you also need a quote, Tech Support can then transfer your request to our Global Parts team.

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