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Where do I find my machine serial number and why do you need it?

Your machine serial number will be required in the majority of the cases when you request assistance; for example, in the cases where you report a failure, request a software license or upgrade, ask for a spare part number, or request field or technical support.  As equipment configurations can change over the years, not having the machine serial number could result in the wrong part number or software license being provided.  

The best place to locate your machine serial number is on the name plate that is attached to all ITW EAE equipment.  The name plate may include some of the following information:  

  • Manufacturing Location
  • Manufacturing Date
  • Machine Serial Number
  • Facilities like Work Voltage
  • Pneumatic pressure
  • Other information

The location of this name plate will vary by machine model.  To help you with locating your serial number, we have attached a PDF file for each of our product lines providing the name plate location, serial number format and an image of both the name plate and its location.  For Despatch ovens, the information can be found in this article.


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