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How do I change my MOM transport direction from R-2-L to L-2-R Configuration?


  1. Close Benchmark program and all other programs
  2. Open Start menu
  3. Open control panel
  4. Open Administrator tools
  5. Open services
  6. Stop Benchmark service for printers
  7. Open start menu
  8. Open My Computer 
  9. Open C drive
  10. Open Program Files
  11. Open Speedline
  12. Open Database
  13. Open ConfigPrinter.exe
  14. Change Board Load Direction from Right to Left to Left to Right
  15. Close ConfigPrinter.exe page
  16. Power down printer
  17. Remove Vision Gantry cover
  18. Remove the Camera cover
  19. Remove the small cover to get to the wiring
  20. Unplug the connector that connects to the boardstop. (P17)
  21. Remove the 2 screws that mount the boardstop to the underneath the camera and remove the sensor. (Note Right to Left mounting shown)


  1. Install the sensor into its new position next to the hardstop and run the sensor cable alongside the pneumatics lines.


  1. Re-connect the board stop sensor cable that was unplugged in step 20.
  2. Dress the wire neatly and re-install that small cover.
  3. Re-install the camera cover
  4. Re-install the Vision gantry cover
  5. Power up the printer
  6. Open Benchmark
  7. Type in the password and initialize the machine
  8. Open Utilities on the toolbar
  9. Open Calibrate Machine
  10.  Re-calibrate the boardstop
  11. When you redo the board stop call you will see that the camera now stops over dead space and there is no board visible. Jog the camera to the right over the board and right click. Rerun auto contrast and then you should be set to go to find the edge.
  12. Once that complete you can run production as normal
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