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Controlled cooling software configuration : MR933/1243

Cooling zones:

All the bottom cooling zones of MR reflow ovens are slaved to the top ones; hence each cool zone

includes “Top + Bottom” where temperature can only be set on the “Top” cool zones.

1) Parameters setting :-



Remark: The 4th.cooling zone of the MR1243 is slaved to the 3rd. cooling zone.

2) Modify the displayed color

The displayed color of the 2nd. cooling zone bottom is pink as default, please change the color to blue


Change the database

Login the system with the master password and go to menu “Vitronics Soltec / Configuration /

Parameters” and open the database.

Change value of column DISPLAYGROUP for Cooling zone 2nd from 3 to 2

Verify the displayed color:

The correct display should be as:


The End

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