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How to Install and Wire the new style B80 sensor on the Delta Series machines

  1. Mount the new flowmeter/sensor in place of the existing assembly.
  2. Connect the hoses in the same location on the new flowmeter.
  3. Route the proximity cable where the existing cable is already running.
    1. On a Delta 3 the cable routes inside the front electrical enclosure.  You might need to splice onto the existing cable to reach the terminal blocks.
    2. On a Delta 5, 7 or X, the cables will route into the enclosure on the back of the fluxer module as shown below.

  1. Wire the proximity sensor as follows.
    1. Blue wire - Attach to the 24 V- terminal block
    2. Brown wire – Attach to the 24 V + terminal block
    3. Black wire – Attach to the D10-1 Optocoupler terminal 1.
  2. Adjust the proximity sensor so that the metal ball in the tube is in the center of the sensor in the lowest position as shown below.

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