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Generating an SOS Package for Zeva Machines

In order to help troubleshoot issues on your machine, we may request that you send us an SOS package from your Zeva machine.  The SOS Package function only captures information from the last 2 start-ups of the ZEVA software, so it is important that you start the process to take an SOS package right away after a software crash.  You can always delete an SOS package but if you wait until the software crashes multiple times, it may be too late to capture the data that will provide the information necessary to resolve the issue.

In software versions 1.04.0 and later, you can simply press “CTRL + ALT + P” from any screen in the ZEVA application to automatically create an SOS Package.  In older versions the SOS Package can be accessed through the ZEVA’s Main Application via the “Help->Create SOS Package” menu item.

Note it can take up to 5 seconds for the software to collect all the data and files required to create the SOS Package.  Once you request for the SOS Package to be created, you should not take any further actions and wait for the windows explorer window to open showing the contents of the SOS Package. The windows explorer window that opens should look similar to the screen shot below:

When you submit the SOS package to Tech Support, you should write up a summary of the events that led up to the situation that caused you to take the SOS package. As an example see the hypothetical issue described below: 

  1. While running production, it was noticed  that a solder drag’s position needed to be adjusted 
  2. With PCBs in the machine still processing, Smart Teach was opened and the solder element “Element18” was moved ~1.5 mm to the left 
  3. After making this change in Smart Teach – “OK” was clicked to save the changes 
  4. Once the PCB in Station 3 finished processing, and exited the machine. The PCB behind it did not enter station 3. 
  5. The solder robot would not respond to commands at this point – so an SOS Package was taken. 

 You should submit the SOS Package .ZIP file and the sequence of events to Vitronics Technical Support.  Note that if the file is more than 20MB, you may not be able to send it to us via email.  You should reach out to Tech Support who will provide you a secure link to use to upload the file.  

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