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My FXD sometimes vibrates during a move or when idle. What should I do?

Sometimes, an FXD can have vibration issues after a move is commanded or when the machine is idle.  Typically, this is an issue that would be seen in older machines.  

This issue can be eliminated by updating the Benchmark Database, A task that must be done by a qualified Camalot tech support member.  To get an updated database, you'll need to email Camalot Technical Support (TS) details about the issues experienced with the machine and also a copy of the database.  Once it has been updated, TS will respond with the updated database and instructions on how to install it in your machine.

Please follow the steps below to send the Benchmark database (file name, Benchmark.bdb) file to Camalot TS

Here’s how to do that:

  • Close Benchmark
  • Press the desktop Start button (located in the bottom left corner of the Windows desktop)
  • Right click on My Computer
  • Select Manage
  • Select services and applications
  • Scroll the name column to find, then select the Camalot Benchmark service
  • Select stop to stop the service
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Camalot\Camalot Benchmark\database
  • Copy file benchmark.bdb
  • Attach the copy to an email and send it to

When the database is received, the Camalot tech support team will review it, then respond with next steps.

Contact us at if more info or assistance is needed.

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