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How do I clear the LCC Manager is already running error

LCC Manager software only allows one instance of the software to be running on a PC at a time.  Before another user can run the application, LCC Manager must be exited by the existing user running the application.

In situations where LCC Manager was running and the application was not exited properly, the next attempt to start LCC Manager will result in this message being displayed.


Some examples of improper LCC Manger termination.

  • power failure
  • abrupt equipment power disconnect
  • terminating LCC Manager from Windows taskbar
  • Windows user logout while LCC Manager running


 To allow restart of the application after improperly exiting the software, the following steps can be performed.


  1. Close the LCC Manager message window indicating another instance is running.
  2. Open Windows Explorer.
  3. Navigate to the C:\ProgramData\Despatch\LCC_Managerfolder.
    1. The C:\ProgramData folder may be hidden but it does exist.

Either of the following methods will open the folder.

    a)Type C:\ProgramData into the navigation bar.



    b) Type %allusersprofile% into the navigation bar.



  1. Delete the .LCK file.



  1. Start LCC Manager.
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