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General Descriptions of Service & Support Options

ITW EAE offers several support and service options to help our customers keep their equipment up and running and delivering the highest yields possible.  Below please find general descriptions of each service and support package currently offered.  Our knowledgeable Tech Support Specialists are available to help you determine which package may be best for your specific service and support needs.

Reminder:  For any of these packages please be sure your PO is address to ITW EAE and you provide the complete serial numbers of all equipment that you are requesting coverage or service for.

Please also refer to the Service Brochure

Short-Term Tech Support Package

This support option is designed for companies which have purchased ITW EAE (excluding Despatch ovens) equipment from another party and need one-time technical phone/email support to address specific issues or questions.  Technical support (including part number identification) is only available to original owners of equipment or companies that have purchased our Equipment Registration package.   This Tech Support package offers the needed support to customers on a short-term basis who do not wish to register their equipment.  If you anticipate needing onsite service, training or ongoing technical support, the Equipment Registration package is recommended. 

3 Day Tech Support Package – Part # 1020857                    Cost:  $500

Basic Equipment Support Program (Registration)

Otherwise known as “Equipment Registration”, this support option is designed for customers who have purchased ITW EAE equipment from another party.   Equipment must be originally owned or registered with ITW EAE under this program to qualify for ongoing technical support as well as additional access to purchase parts, on-site service and training as needed.   Unless a customer is confident that they only need one-time, limited technical support with a specific issue, this is the ideal and most cost-effective support option for customers with previously owned ITW EAE equipment as it entitles the owner to unlimited technical support and includes a one-time equipment assessment.   This support plan is not available on archived equipment and is required to purchase additional service programs such as our Preventative Maintenance Program or Protection Plus extended warranty plan.


Package Description

One Time Cost


Basic Support for Current Production MPM Equipment



Basic Support for Current Production Camalot Equipment



Basic Support for Current Production Electrovert Equipment



Basic Support for Current Production Vitronics Soltec Equipment



Basic Support for Out-of-Production MPM Equipment



Basic Support for Out-of-Production Camalot Equipment



Basic Support for Out-of-Production Electrovert Equipment



Basic Support for Out-of-Production Vitronics Soltec Equipment



Basic Support for Accel Equipment


*For a list of current, stability and archived equipment, please refer to our Lifecycle policy on our website:

Preventative Maintenance Program 

Our Preventative Maintenance program helps you avoid costly downtime by stabilizing and optimizing the performance of your equipment. This annual plan includes two (2) preventative maintenance visits per year completed during normal business hours, Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm, all-inclusive of labor and travel costs.  The program covers cleaning, lubrication, and calibration of all critical functions – ensuring optimal performance and maximum productivity.  A qualified Field Service Engineer will also verify critical functions of the machine to the manufacturer’s specifications and complete a PM checklist with any additional part/upgrade recommendations. 

This program is only available to original owners of the equipment, or secondary owners that have purchased the “Equipment Registration” plan.  ITW EAE equipment owners who are looking for a more extensive service and support plan, should consider our Protection Plus extended warranty option.

Cost:  Please contact our Service Department for a quote.

Extended Warranty (Protection Plus)

The ITW EAE “Protection Plus” program offers a customer the most complete service option for equipment that are no longer covered by the original equipment warranty.  This comprehensive plan is sold on an annual basis and includes parts, labor and travel expenses as required to repair the operation of your covered equipment except for consumables and customer required/related maintenance (as defined in the equipment manual).  Customers with this extended warranty package also receive priority service scheduling and special discounts on the Preventative Maintenance program, after hours service rates and other ITW EAE provided services.

As with the Preventative Maintenance program, the Extended Warranty is only available to original owners of the equipment, or secondary owners that have purchased the “Equipment Registration” plan.   

The Extended Warranty is only available on current production or stability phase equipment.

Cost:  Please contact our Service Department for a quote.

Onsite Service Support

Our team of qualified and experienced Field Service Engineers are available for onsite maintenance and repair work throughout North America. Operating from regional locations, these equipment experts are on-call to help you solve your manufacturing problems – quickly and efficiently.  Onsite service is quoted based on an hourly labor rate, hourly travel rate and flat daily travel charge.  Onsite service can be requested as a stand-alone service or as part of another service and support program, depending on the customer’s expectations of long- and short-term needs.

Cost:  Please contact Technical Service for a quote.

In house or Onsite Training

Your employees can achieve maximum efficiency and productivity, but only with the proper training. To minimize costly production delays, operators, engineers and technicians must be sufficiently trained to optimize the performance of the equipment – or suffer the financial consequences of a poorly run manufacturing process.   Our training courses focus on making your employees self-sufficient. That means empowering your employees with the skills and knowledge to operate, program, maintain and repair your equipment for the highest uptime and asset utilization.

Classroom instruction is provided at training centers in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, Camdenton, MO, Guadalajara, Mexico, Germany, and Singapore. These courses utilize Performance Based Equipment Training (PBET), meaning, smaller classes with more time dedicated to individual hands-on equipment time.  Specialized and on-site courses can also be offered.  

Cost:  Please contact our Technical Support team to be referred to the appropriate training resource for current class schedules and pricing.

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