ITW EAE Support Center

ITW EAE Parts & Service Introduces New Contact Phone Numbers

In our continued effort to simplify how our customers can work with our support team, we have recently introduced 2 phone numbers that will be the primary contact numbers for all U.S. based Technical Support teams as well as the Global Parts team.  Previously we had been using a variety of local and toll free numbers for each of the product lines.  Now our customers can just remember 1 number to contact all of our U.S. based service teams.  Those numbers are:

573-317-3054 and 800-737-8110

Note that the 800 number was one of the contact numbers previously.  However, we have updated the options to add the groups that were not using this number before.  Our existing contact phone numbers will continue to work, but we ask that you update your information to begin using these numbers going forward.  An updated contact sheet can be found here.

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