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We are considering the option of offering an e-learning platform for our customers.  We would love to hear from our customers on whether they would take advantage of this type of training tool and what types of courses they would like to see offered.

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  • Yes, I think it is a good idea. The better clients understand your products the better ambassadors they become.

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  • Love it!!!

  • I think ITW EAE should offer all form factors of learning and training (be it in person, onsite, and electronic)...same content different delivery system

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  • I am writing to express my strong interest in furthering my knowledge and skills in working with the new MPM printers. It has come to my attention that these printers offer exceptional capabilities, and I am eager to explore and utilize their full potential, particularly when dealing with complex and non-standard PCBs.

    I believe that gaining expertise in operating MPM printers will not only enhance the quality of our work but also enable us to harness the full range of functionalities they offer. This, in turn, will prove invaluable in addressing the challenges posed by intricate and unconventional PCB designs.


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